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Bamberg's fertile East

Hidden sights in the Market Gardeners' District

For many visitors, the island city and the hill area around the Domberg are the focal points of every sightseeing tour. The area east of the Main-Danube Canal receives less attention, although in percentage terms it represents the majority of the urban area. This lack of interest may have been due to the fact that many of the buildings were built only during the last century. Nonetheless, the Bamberg East always had a very important meaning for the city.

The area northeast of the island town served in the 13th century as arable land and was therefore very important for the supplies of the city dwellers. At that time, the area was still characterized by large arable plots with individual gardener houses, but the steady expansion of the city increased the number of residents in the gardener city. In the middle of the 15th century, almost 70 gardeners already lived here. Originally, the Bamberg gardeners mainly cultivated seeds, licorice and other special crops. During the 19th century, they began to grow vegetables too. The present appearance of the area, with unified sheds within closed walls of the houses, is the result of wartime destruction during the 18th century.


The starting point of the tour at the cemetery can be reached by bus line 904 (from ZOB).

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